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Högskolepedagogik - en seminarieserie i samarbete med Open University

Välkommen till PIL-enhetens och Open Universitys gemensamma seminarieserie om högskolepedagogik.

Seminarieserien har som syfte att sprida och diskutera forskning inom högskolepedagogik. Vår samarbetspartner Open University är ett engelskt universitet som baserar sin verksamhet på distansutbildning. Universitetets administrativa centrum är beläget i Milton Keynes, sju mil nordväst om London. Open University och PIL turas om att ansvara för innehållet i seminarierna.

17 november: To hell with facts! We need stories! The promise of qualitative story completion as a method for higher education research and scholarship (Naomi Moller)

Onsdagen den 17 november 2021 kl 15.00-16.30 håller Naomi Moller (Faculty of Social Sciences vid Open University) det interaktiva seminariet To hell with facts! We need stories! The promise of qualitative story completion as a method for higher education research and scholarship.

Plats: Seminariet hålls i Zoom. En Zoom-länk kommer att skickas ut i förväg till de anmälda.

Målgrupp för seminariet

Are you interested in:

  • Research that examines the shared understandings, social norms, expectations or discourses around a topic (any topic but including higher education teaching and learning) as well as what these understandings might influence/create?
  • A method that examines how the understandings around a topic intersect with social understandings related to identity dimensions (gender or ethnicity or disability etc) and specific social contexts (e.g. a university classroom or a therapy room)?
  • Research topics that are sensitive, taboo or difficult ethically to research?
  • Research that is intersectional or focussed on social justice or amenable to critical approaches?
  • A method that works well in student projects and is resource-lite?

If you said yes to any of the above, this presentation on the method of qualitative story completion may be of interest to you!

Mer om seminariet

In this presentation Naomi Moller will introduce an exciting way of doing qualitative research: story completion. This technique – rarely used in qualitative research – offers a promising alternative to interviews and focus groups; a method both to collect data and a particular type of data.

Through this presentation and the subsequent group activities you will:

  • Understand the origins of qualitative story completion and how it fits into the broader landscape of qualitative research approaches.
  • Identify both the potential challenges and advantages of the technique, and what these suggest about the relevance of this method for your own research.
  • Consider key design decisions and possible approaches to data analysis, and their relevance for a research question you yourself identify.
  • Learn about previous research using qualitative story completion through examples discussed in the presentation/provided in references and method resources.

Om Naomi Moller

Naomi Moller is a Professor of Psychology and Psychotherapy in the Open University Faculty of Social Sciences. Naomi's journey with story completion began with this story stem:

Kate has been finding it really difficult to cope with life so she has decided to go for counselling. As she walks into the counselling room for the first time, her first thought is: "Oh, my counsellor is fat!"

Naomi: "The project produced such interesting stories (e.g. the counsellor who ate their client) and shed such interesting light on how weight stigma may play out in therapeutic spaces (headline finding = fat counsellors are seen as less professionally credible because if they are fat – understood as physically unhealthy – they are clearly not mentally healthy), that I have been hooked ever since."

Läs mer om Naomi Moller


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Det nionde hölls den 4 februari 2020, då Andreas Moberg vid juridiska institutionen höll presentationen "You get what you pay for": true or false?

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Nr 15 hölls den 10 juni 2021, då Tim Lowe och Carlton Wood (Open University) höll seminariet Online examinations.

Nr 16 hölls den 7 september 2021, då Agnes Nurbo och Therése Skoog höll seminariet Understanding and developing higher education practice based on quantitative surveys.



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